How to Root LG G4 (Verizon)

A lot of users love customization and that is usually their reason why root LG G4 Verizon. When it comes to rooting LG G4 Verizon (and other carrier models), it is often hard to find root for it. There are also times that Verizon takes a long time before releasing a newly launched Android operating system even though others already have it. If you have been stuck in that situation, and wanting to not just update but to do more of what it can currently do, this article will show you how to root LG G4.


1.This is only forVS986 variant. To check, go to Settings > About Phone> Hardware Info > Model number.

2.  Follow thoroughly the steps. Do everything at your own risk.

3. Recharge to at least 80%.

4. Use Windows PC for this tutorial.



Connect phone to PC and put into Download Mode by powering off then hold Volume Up key. A “Download Mode” will appear, so let go. The firmware upgrade interfacewillsuddenly appear afterwards.


Extract then run LG Flash Tool.


Download Verizon VS98611A_06.kdz and put it
inside the extracted Flash Tool folder on the
previous step.


Back on the LG Flash Tool application, select the browse (folder) icon located on the right of the “Select KDZ file” box.Locate the “Verizon VS98611A_06.kdz” file and select.Click “CSE Flash” on the lower right side. Then, click Start.


A small window will appear, just continue with “OK” and do not change anything on the window.


LG Mobile Support Tool will pop up showing progress. Wait until it is done. Then, you should see a pop up window with question marks, just continue.


Wait for the Support Tool to crash. It is part of the process. When it crashes, unplug.Then a crash notification will appear, so, choose to close the program.


Phone will restart. Once started up, you now have the modified VS98611A running.


Continue with the introduction without connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi.

 STEP 10

Enable “Developer Options”. Then, plug in to PC.

 STEP 11

On the notification panel, click USB connected and set to MTP.

 STEP 12

Download and extract VS98611A. Click on the vs98611a.tar.gz file to extract another file with the same file name, but with .tar extension only. Click that .tar file and you a “system.rooted.vs98611a.img” should appear.

 STEP 13

Copy “system.rooted.vs98611a.img” and paste in into the internal storage root directory. To do it, go to My Computer/This PC (for win 10) then your phone. You will see the internal storage, open it and paste it there. Do not paste anywhere.

 STEP 14

Download and extract LG Inside the folder, open a command window by right clicking and selecting that option. In the command window, enter:

adb.exe devices

This is to check if your phone is recognized.

 STEP 15

Go to download mode again (Step 1).

For the next step after this, you will need to know the proper COM port number. To know what it is, go back to LG Root and run “ports.bat”. A command window will pop up again. As you can see, there are list of devices. You should see the COM port number aligned to the line with DIAG written. You may now close the window.

Go back to the adb window. For example, your SerialComm is COM5, you shoudld type in:


wait a while then:


wait again and

uid=(0)root gid=(0)root should appear afterwards. Next, enter:

dd if=/data/media/0/system.rooted.vs98611a.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=548352 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0

 STEP 16

Wait for the “#” to appear, then enter LEAVE. You will reboot.

Hope you have followed how this LG G4 Verizon root works. Your rooted LG G4 Verizon is ready to do some tweaking. Have fun!

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How to Root LG G4 (Verizon)
A lot of users love customization and that is usually their reason why root LG G4 Verizon. When it comes to rooting LG G4 Verizon (and other carrier models), it is often hard to find root for it.
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