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How to Root LG G4 without PC

Aside from its exceptional visual features, outer design up to its user interface, LG G4 has its optimized camera features and all improvements it can possibly have. You can say “What more can you ask from it?”

But really, if you think that this model has it all, you’ve got it wrong.

Why root LG G4 without PC?

When learn how to root LG G4, you can maximize its full capability. Maximize its RAM to speed up system, customize your user interface, save battery life and more.Do not worry because you need not to use a PC. You can now do it wirelessly! The thing here is you wouldn’t have to use neither Windows or Mac which have different ways to root. All you need to have is a working internet connection and of course, your LG G4

Just follow the very simple steps on how this LG G4 without a PC root works.



 1. You should have your bootloader unlocked and an already installed custom recovery. Without these, you cannot proceed to the process.

2.Recharge up to at least 80% to avoid unexpected shutdown that could cause you to brick.

3. This is strictly for versions before Marshmallow.

5. You will be more exposed and opened once you start rooting.4. You will lose your warranty but it can still be reactivated once you have unrooted.


You need to download the latest stable SuperSU v2.65 through your browser.This will be needed for flashing later on to modify binaries that lets you access root. Make sure that it is saved to your internal memory and not in your external (e.g. SD card).


Power off. Then, wait until it totally blackens and shuts down.


Press Power plus Volume Down key until LG logo appears. Now, while the logo is still on the screen, let go and quickly re-press Power plus Volume down keys. You should see you have entered the fastboot/bootloader menu. Use Volume keys to navigate to Recovery mode then press Power key to select. You are now in the Recovery mode interface (TWRP or CWM).


In this mode, you are going to flash the downloaded file earlier (If you are using TWRP, you can navigate it using the touchscreen. If you are CWM, you still have to use manual keys). Select Install (TWRP) or Install zip (CWM) then browse for the file you saved in your internal storage. Wait for the flashing to be finished and you are all done.




After reboot, download Root Checker app to verify your root state. If you are still not rooted, just download SuperSU app from Google Play Store. It is an app that lets you manage your root.


Recheck state in Root Checker App. If it still says you are not rooted, reboot.

Congratulations! Your now have rooted LG G4 without a PC! Enjoy!

How to Root LG G4 Marshmallow(6.0)

You could be wanting to tweak your device and rooting the LG G4 Marshmallow 6.0 is the answer. But finding ways to root LG G4 running this version is really hard because LG G4 Marshmallow root release was very recent. Lucky you, you have landed on this page.

 Why root LG G4 Marshmallow 6.0?

There are way too many reasons why. Some of the known reasons are; you can customize everything! Themes, fonts, and more! You can also purchase your desired apps that are expensive, for free! Do not worry because rooting does not make you lose everything, but actually, you are to gain more.

Having it does void your warranty but reinstalling the very factory stock kernel, and unrooting can bring back your warranty.


1.This tutorial is strictly for LG G4 H815 International model running stock Marshmallow 6.0.

2. Since this is a stricter operating system, the process will be as different as before. It will surely wipe everything in your device so do a backup.

3. You should have unlocked your bootloader already.

4. You should already have TWRP custom recovery installed.

5. Make sure your battery life is still 80% to prevent interruption that could brick your device.


Enable USB Debugging by going to “About Phone” in Settings, then look for “Software info”. Continue tapping until a notification appears saying you are now a developer.After that, go back then you


should now see “Developer options” on Settings list. Go inside and tick USB Debugging. This process is important for your PC to recognize the device.


Install USB Drivers to properly connect to PC.


Plug in to PC. In the upper notification platform, select “USB connected” then select MTP option.


Download the Pre-rooted Stock Kernel on your PC and copy it in LG G4’s internal storage. Do not extract it yet because it will be flashed later. Leave it as it is.


Enter recovery/TWRP mode by clicking this link.


Select “Install” button then browse for the downloaded Pre-rooted Stock Kernel that you have downloaded and copied in Step 2. Select and then swipe to confirm flash.


Select reboot option from the TWRP home menu to refresh the newly modified OS.


Wait for your device to restart. If boot loop occurs, enter TWRP mode again and select “Wipe”. Check the “Dalvik Cache” and “Data” boxes then swipe to confirm the wiping.


Reboot once again.

It should now be good to go. You now have rooted LG G4 Marshmallow 6.0. You can now explore how this LG G4 Marshmallow 6.0 root functions by visiting tutorials that will teach you how to, for example, speed up the processor, block ads, and more.

How to Root LG G4

You might have hesitated updating to the latest Marshmallow release. There could be a lot of reasons. You are not confident with the new one, or you still want to root because with the latest release, it is rare and complicated. Whatever the reason it is, just as long as you still have Android 5.0 installed, you can follow how this LG G4 root works.


1. In rooting LG G4, you first must have an unlocked bootloader. If not yet, follow this.

2. You must have a custom recovery installed. You can get any custom recovery but in this tutorial, TWRP is what’s mostly preferred. If you have not yet installed one, do this.

3. Make sure to charge your phone at least up to 80%. This is for avoiding sudden interruption of the process.

4. Back up data. Just in case you have not followed the steps properly and unexpectedly do wipe, you still have your data and files with you.

5. Turn off antivirus programs because it could block the process.


To get started right away, get the needed tools here: Rooting Tools

Then turn on USB Debugging by going to settings, then scrolling down to About, look for Build Number and tap and tap it until the Developer mode notification appear. Once it appears, go back and you will see Developer options already appeared. Select that then tick the USB Debugging box to enable it. This is to properly connect with your PC for the later process.


Plug in to PC. Install USB Drivers if needed.


Download and save SuperSU v2.65 in your device’s internal storage. This is the application that will modify your binaries and lets you root.


Turn off then do this to access recovery mode which is customized with TWRP.



In this step, you are now going to flash the SuperSU zip file that you have downloaded and copied. You can do it by selecting “Install” function in TWRP, then browsing the needed zip file and proceeding to flash.


Reboot from home menu then wait for it to start up.


Now, proceed to “Wipe” then mark “Data”, “System”, “Cache” and “Dalvik Cache”. Then, confirm.

Reboot for the last time, and there you go! You are done!STEP 8

You now have a rooted LG G4! You can now finally feel why root LG G4 is advantageous. So again, make sure that you get the needed tools first before starting. Get them here: Rooting Tools

How to Root LG G4 5.1

If you are here now, there are only three reasons. You haven’t updated to the latest version because a) you are already very comfortable with Android 5.1, b)you know the urge to why root LG G4 5.1and you couldn’t find root for the latest version, c) you are just very unfortunate because you still haven’t received an OTA update for unknown reason. Well, it is more fortunate for you to still have it because you can still do the G4 root as it is not different from how it goes on the previous versions.


1. This is only for rooting LG G4 5.1.

2. Do this with a Windows PC.

3.An unlocked bootloader is needed. If you haven’t done it, follow this first.

4. Recharge battery up to 80% at least.It is a bit long process so prevent unexpected shut downs.

5. Ensure that you have backed up files just in case.


Debug USB with this. It must be done to connect to ADB later.


Make sure to run and install USB Drivers.Then plug in to PC.


Download the latestMinimal ADB and FastbootTWRP for H815 and install.


Go to the installation folder located in Program Files (x86) [64-bit users] or Program Files [32-bit users]/Minimal ADB and Fastboot, open it. Inside, paste the TWRP extracted img file.


Replace the img file name to “recovery.img” and move it inside the Minimal ADB and Fastboot installation folder.



Still inside the folder, Shift key+right click on a blank space then right click and choose to open a new command window. Type in

adbreboot bootloader

This is to boot your device to bootloader mode.


Now, to finally flash TWRP, enter:

fastboot flash recovery


fastboot reboot

Wait until startup.


Next, download SuperSU v2.65on PC and put it in your device storage.


Back to ADB and Fastboot window, input:

adb reboot recovery

That is to boot to TWRP without having to do it manually.


Pick “Install” then look for the SuperSU zip file. Flash it.


Go back to menu and reboot.


Go to Google Play Store, sign in and download Root App Checker to see root permissions.

Voila! You have a rooted LG G4 5.1 already! You can brag about doing it on your own.

You can standby for the next OTA update if you are willing to give it a go, but you will lose the root. But for now, enjoy yourself with on how this root LG G4 5.1 works.

How to Root LG G4 (Verizon)

A lot of users love customization and that is usually their reason why root LG G4 Verizon. When it comes to rooting LG G4 Verizon (and other carrier models), it is often hard to find root for it. There are also times that Verizon takes a long time before releasing a newly launched Android operating system even though others already have it. If you have been stuck in that situation, and wanting to not just update but to do more of what it can currently do, this article will show you how to root LG G4.


1.This is only forVS986 variant. To check, go to Settings > About Phone> Hardware Info > Model number.

2.  Follow thoroughly the steps. Do everything at your own risk.

3. Recharge to at least 80%.

4. Use Windows PC for this tutorial.



Connect phone to PC and put into Download Mode by powering off then hold Volume Up key. A “Download Mode” will appear, so let go. The firmware upgrade interfacewillsuddenly appear afterwards.


Extract then run LG Flash Tool.


Download Verizon VS98611A_06.kdz and put it
inside the extracted Flash Tool folder on the
previous step.


Back on the LG Flash Tool application, select the browse (folder) icon located on the right of the “Select KDZ file” box.Locate the “Verizon VS98611A_06.kdz” file and select.Click “CSE Flash” on the lower right side. Then, click Start.


A small window will appear, just continue with “OK” and do not change anything on the window.


LG Mobile Support Tool will pop up showing progress. Wait until it is done. Then, you should see a pop up window with question marks, just continue.


Wait for the Support Tool to crash. It is part of the process. When it crashes, unplug.Then a crash notification will appear, so, choose to close the program.


Phone will restart. Once started up, you now have the modified VS98611A running.


Continue with the introduction without connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi.

 STEP 10

Enable “Developer Options”. Then, plug in to PC.

 STEP 11

On the notification panel, click USB connected and set to MTP.

 STEP 12

Download and extract VS98611A. Click on the vs98611a.tar.gz file to extract another file with the same file name, but with .tar extension only. Click that .tar file and you a “system.rooted.vs98611a.img” should appear.

 STEP 13

Copy “system.rooted.vs98611a.img” and paste in into the internal storage root directory. To do it, go to My Computer/This PC (for win 10) then your phone. You will see the internal storage, open it and paste it there. Do not paste anywhere.

 STEP 14

Download and extract LG Inside the folder, open a command window by right clicking and selecting that option. In the command window, enter:

adb.exe devices

This is to check if your phone is recognized.

 STEP 15

Go to download mode again (Step 1).

For the next step after this, you will need to know the proper COM port number. To know what it is, go back to LG Root and run “ports.bat”. A command window will pop up again. As you can see, there are list of devices. You should see the COM port number aligned to the line with DIAG written. You may now close the window.

Go back to the adb window. For example, your SerialComm is COM5, you shoudld type in:


wait a while then:


wait again and

uid=(0)root gid=(0)root should appear afterwards. Next, enter:

dd if=/data/media/0/system.rooted.vs98611a.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=548352 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0

 STEP 16

Wait for the “#” to appear, then enter LEAVE. You will reboot.

Hope you have followed how this LG G4 Verizon root works. Your rooted LG G4 Verizon is ready to do some tweaking. Have fun!

How to Root LG G4 (Sprint)

A lot of users surely know to why root LG G4 Sprint. Unfortunately, the carrier models are kind of strict in that sense, like Sprint. But it does not mean that there is no way to achieve it if you own a carrier model. Now, there is what is called “Low Effort Root”. When you start to read the tutorial, it looks like it is a bit complicated, but no it is not, as what its term says.


1. This is strictly for LS911ZV5 model.

2. Before rooting LG G4 Sprint, fill your battery life to at least 80% to avoid shut down without notice.

3. Back up just in case.

4. This tutorial recommends Windows PC.


Install needed USB Drivers.


ConfigureDeveloper Options and enable USB Debugging. Plug in to PC afterwards.

STEP 3                        

Next, on the upper panel, slide down and tap USB connected. Set it to MTP. Your PC will be discovered now. 


Download LS991ZV5.tar.gz then extract it in a folder.Open thetar.gz file. It will extract a .tar file, with the same name. Now, double click that .tar file and it will extract an .img file. Do not rename the .img file. 


Now, copy and paste the .img file to the root of your device internal storage. Do not paste it in any other folders, paste it just with the folders.


Extract LG Flash Tool and open it.


In the LG Flash Tool extracted folder, hold Shift key then right click to select the option to open a command window.


Check if your device is recognized by typing in the command:

adb.exe devices

You should see your device on the list that will flash.


Then,access Download mode.

 STEP 10


In the LG Root folder, open “ports.bat”. This is just to check what COM port you are plugged in. A window will pop out, and listed there are the used ports. What you need there is the COM number of the line with “DIAG” appearing.

Close the window after you get the needed number,


Return to the command window and type [for example, you are connected to COM4]


 STEP 12

A hashtag “#” will appear afterwards so write


then, you should see

#uid=(0)root gid=(0)root

after a while.


Now, to finally flash the .img file input this code for Sprint:

dd if=/data/media/0/system.rooted.LS991ZV5.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=557312 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0


Another hashtag “#” will appear, which means it is done. So lastly, type LEAVE to finalize.

Finally! You now know how this LG G4 root works without the need of custom recovery flashing and unlocking bootloader! You can also actually apply this to any Android version of the same model. Congrats with your rooted LG G4 Sprint variant!